[ PATTERN CUTTING ] ︳Alchemical Deception in Homunculus


Pattern cutting

So alchemy is the art of transmutation. Observing the transmutation into prima materia, the destruction of the original material led to deeper research into pattern cutting according to the concept of a faded-out effect. This effect worked on the basic garment, such as a tailored jacket, jumper, pullover, shirt or bomber jacket in menswear. The details and construction of items will appear in merging two different garment into one panel.

An exploration of these methods will present the biggest possibility of criticizing the traditional cutting or layering. A new expression of menswear cutting has broken the rules of existing thinking in pattern cutting. The presentation of this kind of pattern cutting is called ‘chaos’ in alchemical fashion, which is a freezing in the transmuted process.

Expressing the central statement ‘Let no man belong to another that can belong to himself’, the merged items form a brand new item, which does not belong to the category of jacket, shirt or coat. None of these belongs to the original items; it is a shirt merged with a jacket. The best way is to rename all the faded items so that they all belong to themselves. Brand new, perfect matter is born.