[ SKETCHES ] ︳Alchemical Deception in Homunculus

A Collage of Jacket, Shirt & Trench Coat


Alchemy is the art of transmutation, no matter whether the final product is a fake or not. It is the wonder of mixing two metals in a fluid state and so producing a new metallic alloy, which has different characteristics from either of its parents. By studying the concept of alchemical transformation, I used the same phenomenon in garment construction by fusing the shirt and suit jacket together and calling it a ‘Jackant’. I also created a mixture of kimono and jacket, which I called a ‘Kimoket’. The adjustable string was inspired by the workwear of Renaissance alchemists. In addition, I merged a Durham raincoat and tunic shirt together, and also the idea of a trench coat and a suit jacket.

For the details, the merged lapel and breast pocket became the signature of the collection. I also created a pocket flap faded with the side panel and the merging of a tailored pocket with a trench coat pocket.

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