About Octo Cheung

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The year of 2012 brought Octo Cheung to the earth in London.
It is a new discipline for people to feel, touch and investigate.
It brings a revolution of unconventional living education.

“Let no man belong to another that can belong to himself”

There is the concept of samsara in Buddhism. On death, humans must return their body to nature and start their next cycle, which means any qualification, diploma and award is a secular thing that becomes a grain of sand at the end. None of them is better than the way you have chosen to live to prove your worth.

It is a philosophical fashion brand
which provide critical thinking,
from the quality core
to the second skins that you wore.

The brand image base on the antique British heritage menswear in 18th century and inspired by the spiritual and mysterious subject in history seasonally.
We used the traditional men’s tailoring method in Savile Row
with quality worsted wool, washed silk and taffeta.
Hand-made the spirit from inner pocket to outer appearance.
We pinned on artistic, fashionable man
who loves to dress as new millennium sartorial dandy look.
The one addicted on marvelous construction and thoughtful details
that animate the brand alchemically.

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